Tok assessment criteria

4 international baccalaureate diploma handbook - class of 2017 the international baccalaureate diploma programme the international baccalaureate diploma programme (ib dp) was established in geneva in 1968 to provide. Guide published february 2016 published by international baccalaureate organization 15 route des morillons 1218 le grand-saconnex 631 assessment criteria. Does the student present an appropriate and cogent analysis of knowledge questions in discussing the title aspect level 5 excellent 9 -10 level 4. Theory of knowledge is assessed in two parts: an externally examined 1,200-1,600 word essay and an internally assessed presentation each part is scored using assessment criteria (four criteria for the essay and four for the presentation) that describe levels of achievement (eg, the inquiry explores knowledge issues. Hey im gonna be doing my tok presentation in about 4 months and my teacher told us to start looking at the criteria and deciding on a real life issue to.

The tok presentation planning document blogs, ibdp teacher blogs, tok, tok internal assessment, to cover all the key criteria set out in the presentation. Planning the tok presentation the assessment criteria the presentation is marked out of 10 and will count for 33% of the final tok mark 3). Tok grading the written task the presentation the extended essay and for theory of knowledge hats off how to structure an economics internal assessment is.

Instant online access to the complete tok mastery program this suite of resources has been used by thousands of tok students to maximize their results on the tok essay, the tok presentation and for day-to-day help in the course. Tok presentation (2015 guide): all you need to know the assessment criteria 5 past student examples michael dunn's guide to theory of knowledge:. Assessment objectives and assessment criteria cover some elements of critical thinking, i argue that they neglect important facets of it and tend to focus on areas of learning that are not strictly speaking critical thinking. Our hugely popular 42-page tok essay guide takes you through the two assessment criteria, and gives you step-by-step advice on writing the tok essay. Tok oral presentation assessment criteria candidate name: _____ 0 1-2 3-4 5 descriptor a: identification of knowledge issue.

The criteria we use to choose between competing theories how theories are supported and also refuted if you're considering answering topic 2 of the november 2017 tok essay titles, then i'd be delighted to receive your email. Tok assessment criteria • is/are the problem(s) of knowledge appropriate to the given topic recognized and understood, and are the candidate's ideas developed in a relevant and imaginative way. Assessment to 2019 extended essay students submitting extended essays from may 2018 onwards will have to submit their extended essay according to the new extended essay subject guide.

The tok assessed essay (adapted from the ibo tok essay assessment criteria) red = subjective marking criteria in ib tok mark schemes title. How to write a tok essay the international baccalaureate (ib) theory of knowledge essay is a 1200-1600 word essay on prescribed topics or titles created by the ib. Presented in this document aim to clarify how the assessment criteria for this component work in diploma programme theory of knowledge teacher support material.

Tok oral presentation assessment criteria candidate name: _____ 0 descriptor a: identification of knowledge issue did the presentation identify a relevant knowledge issue involved, implicit or embedded in a real-life situation. Ib-required assessments guidelines for the tok essay & presentation the presentation criteria for assessment as a group to make sure you are all on the right. Tok assessment criteria criterion c: knowledge at work (5 points) to what extent does the presentation demonstrate the application of tok thinking skills to a contemporary issue. 64 theory of knowledge guide tok presentation assessment instrument do(es) the presenter(s) succeed in showing how tok concepts can have practical application level 5 excellent 9-10.

• tok subject guide (for first assessment 2015) criteria the essay and presentation will be assessed using a global impression approach this approach was. Assessment policy may 2011 2 criteria for success and the methods of assessment must therefore be clearly delineated we tok instructor) sean daly (itgs. Supervisors of extended essays should ensure that the official ib assessment criteria are made available to candidates and that the candidates understand these criteriathis covers how well the student communicates the topicthe research question in the introduction is sharply focused and. Also provide a full explanation of the tok essay assessment criteria and how examiners mark an essay authentic essays and essay extracts follow, accompanied.

tok assessment criteria The tok assessment criteria can be found at the back of your tok subject guide having the criteria next to you and referring to as you are writing your ppd may make a significant impact on how you will score.
Tok assessment criteria
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