The effects of communism in vietnam

In 1949, mao zedong led the peoples revolution, which established a communist state in china communism has now been introduced to asia in this period, after world war ii, communism was a popular ideology being introduced throughout the world vietnam was one of the many countries under the threat. Even though, communism had a negative effect such as massacres from the us who fought against communism, communism did benefit some of the vietnamese citizens as they would switch sides communism did benefit some of the people in vietnam. The domino theory was a theory prominent from the 1950s to the 1980s that posited that if one country in a region came under the influence of communism, then the surrounding countries would follow in a domino effect.

The united states supported a military government in south vietnam and worked to prevent free elections that might have unified the country under the control of communist north vietnam. Non-communist south vietnam was invaded by communist north vietnam the impact the vietnam war has had on american culture, on the attitude to sending military. Impact of french imperialism in indochina the growth of communism in vietnam 'positive and negative effects of imperialism on colonised peoples', period6. Communism in asia apart from the soviet union , asia was the major killing field of communism perhaps 75 million innocent men, women and children were killed for communism in asia - mainly in china , north korea , vietnam and cambodia.

Because of that, it is difficult to say about the negative/positive impact of communism on vietnam most of the people in vietnam cannot understand it or misunderstand communism, even those who are the party members. The effects of the collapse of the ussr on russia: in 1991, most of the republics that had made up the ussr formed in cis vietnam calls itself communist but is. By stressing that it is the duty of north vietnam to liberate its brethren from the fascism of diem, the nationalist strain of their commitment emerges along-side the communist.

Rapping for freedom and the end of communism in vietnam in vietnam, former enemies must accept responsibility for war they are here to create an impact and change the world. If south vietnam fell to the communist north, then the neighboring countries of lao's and cambodia would fall to the communists nextthen thailand, then burma, india, pakistan, etc this was the. The vietnam war is likely the most problematic of all the wars in american history it was a morally ambiguous conflict from the start, ostensibly a war against communism yet also a war to suppress nationalist self-determination the war was rife with paradoxes: in the name of protecting democracy. Recall how america's involvement in the vietnam war ended and the impact of this 1973 agreement discuss and compare the communist victory over cambodia to that of laos to unlock this lesson you. The psychological effects of the vietnam war communist-rule spread to vietnam ever involved in vietnam the vietnam war altered the soldiers' views and.

The most immediate effect of the vietnam war was the staggering death toll the war killed an estimated 2 million vietnamese civilians, 1 1 million north vietnamese troops, 200 , 000 south vietnamese troops, and 58 , 000 us troops. Spreading communism, the spread of communism after the second world war, australia in the vietnam war era, history, year 9, nsw eastern asia europe was not the only arena in which the cold war was played out - east asia also became a theatre of operations for pro- and anti-communist forces. The vietnam war unfolded amidst the cold war, a long period of international rivalry and confrontation between 1946 to the early 1990s the world was strongly divided between two competing power blocs: capitalist democracies led by the united states and western europe, and communist states led by. Contents north and south vietnam what is the domino theory us involvement in vietnam deepens nations are not dominoes the domino theory was a cold war policy that suggested a communist. Speeches of the vietnam war table of contents and their success in reducing the strength of local communist groups, have had the ironic effect of reducing.

Communism in vietnam has played a key role in the politics of vietnam since independence marxism was introduced into vietnam with the emergence of three separate. Fear of communism caused the vietnam war essay 1622 words 7 pages the vietnam war has been referred to by many names, one of the longer ones was 'the cornerstone of the free world southeast asia. Its impact on the neighbouring country of laos was also profound vietnam's nationalist and communist movement inspired the rise of the pathet lao in laos and.

  • Vietnam - effects of french colonial rule: whatever economic progress vietnam made under the french after 1900 benefited only the french and the small class of wealthy vietnamese created by the colonial regime.
  • The cold war policy of keeping communism within its already existing borders and not allowing communism to spread further effects of vietnam on the american.

Vietnam, a one-party communist state, has one of south-east asia's fastest-growing economies and has set its sights on becoming a developed nation by 2020 it became a unified country once more in. Following french withdrawal in 1954, vietnam was divided, with communist forces in the north and a pro-western regime in control of the south then, in the early 1960s, us involvement began to increase it lasted until the early 1970s. How strong and widespread was the anti-communist bias or mindset of is iraq another vietnam the impact of the (early) cold war impact of the 1960s the impact.

the effects of communism in vietnam Ho chi minh's communist ideology was flexible enough to serve his purposes in any case, he was never the doctrinaire, and always much more a political activist whose strong will was directed at the goal of the independence and unification of vietnam.
The effects of communism in vietnam
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