An overview of russels theory of definite description the objection and challenge of strawson and ho

an overview of russels theory of definite description the objection and challenge of strawson and ho Strawson is out to argue that russell's theory of descriptions embodies some fundamental mistakes strawson is particularly concerned to reject russell's argument for the existence of logically proper names and, with it, his argument that 'ordinary' proper names are really descriptions (which, recall, is the description theory of names.

Searle on analyticity, necessity, and proper names_____ 125 plies to definite descriptions but this would take further explanation and discussion of how searle's take on referring uses relates to straw- son's yet the above passage is the only place searle mentions the refer- ring function of language or of names. This paper argues that some familiar cases of interaction between definite descriptions and negation are not best analyzed as scope interactions attention to the role of focus, and a number of. Below are readings and essay questions for tutorials in philosophy of logic and language russell: definite descriptions challenge to the causal theory of. Part i, reference and referring expressions, includes topics such as russell's theory of desciptions, donnellan's distinction, problems of anaphora, the description theory of proper names, searle's cluster theory, and the causal-historical theory.

The second half will explore applications of predicate logic to a number of philosophical issues, including the theory of descriptions, the paradoxes of material implication, the integration of logical and probabilistic reasoning, causation, and default reasoning. Definite descriptions: a reader begins with three of russell's own presentations of his theory, includes not only the classics by strawson, donnellan and kripke, but also well-chosen papers from carnap, grice, lambert, peacocke, soame and wettstein, and ends with pieces by neale and schiffer that take the reader to the leading edge of current. The main content of this essay including: the definition of definite description, the puzzles concerning definite description, russell's theory on definite description, how this theory solves the puzzles, strawson's objection to this theory, my evaluation on the convincingness of strawson's objection and my evaluation on the. Any definite description ι xα[x] designates an object satisfying the description 57 the idea of the ucp is that we specify an object via a given set of properties, such as is a horse, is ridden by don quijote , has a philosophical discussion with sancho panza's donkey.

Frege's system - really a kind of set-theory - was shown to be inconsistent by russell , who went on to develop his own rather convoluted reduction of mathematics to logic (a program called logicism) in the course of his work, frege also developed a set of seminal philosophical ideas that have revolutionised philosophy. Objections to the theory of descriptions there is a sense in which strawson and russell are both right (and both wrong) about the proper analysis of descriptions. Definite descriptions, collect entities from the environment in order to say new things about them (zeevat, 1992, p 397) by analogy with the process of.

Definite descriptions overview singular terms russell's theory of descriptions objections to russell's theory donnellan's distinction anaphora summary questions notes further reading overview e. The best known theories of definite descriptions, those of russell and strawson russell's theory of definite descriptions sparked an ongoing debate concerning the. The heart of strawson's rejection of russell's analysis of definite descriptions is strawson's claim that: strawson on logical theory challenge (in quine. An agent-semantical theory of reference russell, strawson and donnel an expression studied are names and definite descriptions a theory of reference which is. Quine'sword and object peter strawson published (1950a) he criticized russell's theory of definite descriptions and claimed that at least some uses of.

Pld utilizes truth value gaps to systematically treat symbolic sentences that contain improper description terms, and can be seen as an acceptable formalization of the strawsonian view that the semantic-well-formedness of a grammatically subject-predicate sentence of english presupposes the propriety of any definite description occurring as. Quine does not follow russell's framing in on what there is plato's beard, and russell's definite descriptions appear in the context of eliminating bloated ontologies, like meinong's, not the issue of change. Strawson fail to notice a referential use of a definite description. Agreeing with russell's analyses of sentences and refuting strawson's objection - introduction in this paper i will argue that russell's analyses of sentences is successful and that the objection brought by strawson can be refuted russell's theory of definite descriptions contains a significant insight in that russell's view that what.

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  • The range of topics covered includes sense and reference, definite descriptions, proper names, natural-kind terms, de re and de dicto necessity, propositional attitudes, truth-theoretical approaches to meaning, radical interpretation, indeterminacy of translation, speech acts, intentional theories of meaning, and scepticism about meaning.

List of readings uploaded by viplav does the theory of definite descriptions rest on identifying the meaning of a name with the object named does russell's. On definiteness and the co-occurrence of the definite article with other determiners in modern greek download. In defense of a quantificational account of definite dps and then defended by strawson david 1972 what is russell's theory of descriptions in.

An overview of russels theory of definite description the objection and challenge of strawson and ho
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